01 March, 2007

LCI Kids Club Graduation Festival, February 10th

I know you've all been waiting anxiously for me to post these pictures, and here they are, in true 'better late than never' form.

This program is held every year to show the parents how much their precious little kiddies have learned from the esteemed foreigners. Right. Nevermind that the teaching of the songs and choreography actually halted all teaching of English for over a month...

Here's a rundown of the program:
My class performed The Eentsy Weentsy Spider, I'm a Little Teapot, and The Bugs Go Marching.
Liz's class performed Yellow Submarine, Phantom of the Opera, and Oh What a Circus.
Marc's class performed We Are the Champions, Octopus's Garden, and Russian Dance.
All three classes performed The Can-Can and Puff the Magic Dragon with orchestra instruments and ended with choreographed chaos to It's a Small World.

A big thanks to Miss Amy for her help with some of the costumes!

John and Jinny go marching while Sarah wonders what she's supposed to do
Brian the grasshopper
Bee Andy, Ant Sarah, Ladybug John, and Ant Jinny
The 'Beatles' go for a ride in the Yellow Submarine...
...and all their friends come aboard
Jack takes the bow of a 'Champion'
My little teapots exit the stage in a mixture of Beauty and the Beast pots and Genie lamps--NOT the costumes I ordered
Little Christines sing their story
The Phantoms fight the Raouls
The octopi dance in the garden
My little raindrops wash away the spider
Penny, world's cutest spider
The sun comes up, dries up the rain, and PennySpider makes a comeback
Had we known they were undressing the kids, we would have constructed the costumes differently!
Max and Julie tango to Oh What a Circus
Marc's class dances Russian style
Liz and I arrange triangles..
...and more triangles for the orchestra,
while Ellie and Debbie entertain the crowd during a costume change
My Stella shakes her maracas with intensity during Puff the Magic Dragon
Liz and I with the incomparable sisters, Penny and Sarah
My little princess, Sally


Brenda + Toby said...

Margie, the children look lovely. If they never learn another word of English, they'll alway have Eentsy Weensty Spider rolling around in their heads. I used to love that song as a kid. Your costumes are fantastic too. The spider has a really great expression! You know he's missing two legs though, right?

Kiran said...

Hi there,

I taught at that LCI Kids Club from 2003-2004. It was great looking through your photos! Funny to see some of my former students all grown up. Hope all is well.