06 January, 2006

Last week at home

Since we didn't do much (anything) for New Year's, Monday night we went out to celebrate that plus John's birthday. John and dad had both received gift certificates to Coldstone Creamery, so we headed down there to load up on calories. As you can see, dad ordered the 'heart attack in a bowl,' and the Berriochoa boys gave me their best ice cream smiles.

Mom thought--and I agreed--that it would be nice to get together with some ladies I knew from church and work. Thanks to Fay and Mary Beth, Beverly, and Diane for coming to see me. It was a special time.

Today I had to say goodbye to Dieter and Emily as my flight leaves too early for them to see me off. I showed Dieter Korea on his inflatable globe, and we had one last good round of making silly faces.

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