04 February, 2006

By the way...

I forgot to mention that I went back to Dr. Neurosurgeon Thursday morning for another round of torture. Julian or his wife must have have told him that I had called my previous treatment 'acupuncture' because as he stabbed me with the needles (twice as many as before), he asserted deprecatingly, 'This is not oriental acupuncture. This is intra-muscular-stimulation.' Riiiight.

My floor creaks eerily at night. I am only aware of it if I am up late enough (as I am right now), because that's when it finally starts heating up. It goes off at 8:30-ish every morning, runs on auto all day, and comes back on at 10:42 every night. The daytime 'auto' setting is somehow directly related to where I set it at night, but I have been completely nonplussed by the whole setup and have taken to leaving it on '45', whatever that means. Forty-five Celsius would be hot enough to induce heat stroke, yet forty-five Farenheit is cold enough (for me) to get hypothermia. I just don't get it. I've been sitting here in my coat all night (see pics from previous post), but when I wake up, I'll be sweating and I'll have a stuffy nose from the heat. And then it'll cool down slowly all day until I want to put my coat on again.

I should sleep.

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