27 February, 2006

The new guy

On Saturday evening, I met Liz and Julian and Marc for dinner. Marc seems really nice and easy-going and reminds me ever so slightly of my friend Jake Young. After dinner, Liz and I decided to take what is becoming our usual Saturday night trek downtown and were pleased when Marc agreed to join us. We kept him out way later than I though we would, but he joined in our activities with gusto despite his jetlag.

This afternoon Liz and I met Marc and Bryce for a walk to the beach--my first visit. It's several miles away, but it was a beautiful day. The wind picked up the nearer we drew to the water, and by the time we got there, it was a roaring gale. We briefly checked out the beach then sought refuge in a restaurant where we had lunch. The vote was unanimous to take a taxi home.

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