11 February, 2006

Here's what's going through my mind tonight:

  • My dinner would have been so much better with CHEESE:

Dear Korea,

‘Kraft Singles’ does not qualify as cheese. Please write to Europe for
some suggestions.

Love, Margie

  • I can finally sleep with sheets on my bed
  • My niece/nephew kicking my sister—Yeah, get her good!
  • I need to visit England again just so I can go the the supermarket and ask for a shopping trolley (and sing the Hokey Tokey)
  • My voltage coverter makes a good foot-warmer (hmmm...I wonder if it should really be that warm...)
  • I am so going to sleep until I wake up naturally tomorrow


Brenda Toby and Ella said...

What's going on in my mind this afternoon:
Margie, I love your blogs;
How does it feel to know your aunts and uncles are watching over you from afar?
We in NYC will be blanketed soon in soft white silence. (Blizzard due on Saturday afternoon);
My kids are older than your kids. (High school students in the Bronx);
We have a lot of drama here too;
Thank you Margie, Goodnight Margie!

Margie said...

Aunt Brenda--thanks for sharing your own thoughts with me. I love that you are looking in on my life from afar and thinking of me. As I sit here with the sun shining in my window, I'll think of you in the snow :)