13 April, 2006

Gangneung University Field Trip

Last Friday we took the kids for a walk to Gangneung University for some fun and games. We were suppose to leave at 10:00, but that was bumped to 10:30 due to 'wind', and then it was bumped to 11:00 so we could have snacktime and birthday cake. I think we finally got out the door around 11:20. In all honesty, it was quite windy, but the kids had fun doing something out of the ordinary. We found an open 'field' where we started a couple of circles of Duck, Duck, Goose, but not too much time had passed before we were asked to move due to field maintenance. As it was almost lunchtime anyway, we decided to simply call it a morning and trekked back to the school, but not before we took some photos, of course.

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