23 April, 2006

Good Friday

On the Friday before Easter, our cook boiled a gigantic pot of eggs, and all three classes spent the last hour of morning kinder having an egg coloring party. The kids got really into it, inscribing pictures and patterns of all varieties on their eggs. It was great fun, and I think we were even able to keep the number of unbroken eggs higher than that of broken ones. Mom had sent me a package with a bunch of Easter related things for the kids including egg stencils, but it didn't reach me in time for the Friday egg coloring. Julian thought they were so cute, however, that she boiled more eggs on the next Wednesday for just my class so we could use the stencils. Below are pictures from both days. Andy
Brian, Peter, and John
Marc and Kevin (of psychedelic frog fame)
Kipper's egg
5 year old Penny's egg

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