18 April, 2006

Liz's Birthday

Liz's twenty-third birthday was on Thursday the 13th. She asked the kids not to spend money; rather, she asked them to make her cards or write special things to make her birthday memorable. On Thursday morning, however, in true Korean tradition, the kids showed up with armloads of elaborately wrapped gifts. She had three cakes over the course of the day and went home with no fewer than three grocery sacks of presents. Her last class of the day--the middle schoolers--set up a special party in the rec room with yet more treats, and Marc and I took our classes up to participate. Marc suggested that we sing, so we had an impromptu noraebang/karaoke session with teacher and student participation alike. Liz surprised us all by breaking out a passionate number from Caberet, Marc and I sang a duet from Moulin Rouge, and several of the girls played pop songs on their hand phones to accompany their numbers.

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