09 August, 2006

First day of summer, July 29th

July consisted of nothing but downpours, extended downpours, and interminable downpours. Our vacation drew closer and closer, and I started getting nervous as there seemed to be no end to the rain in sight, but all the Koreans I associate with insisted that rainy season was going to end on Saturday the 29th, the first day of our vacation. It rained all week, right up to Friday night, but sure enough, come Saturday, it was not raining, and not only was it not raining, but the SUN was SHINING. My skin tingled with warmth. I cast a shadow as I walked down the street. Most importantly, I didn't have to work, and the beach was only a taxi ride away.

Lee, the owner of a local hangout favored by foreigners, anticipated the coming of summer and planned a bbq out at Anmok Beach. He brought food, drinks, and music, and we kicked off the summer in style. The sun has never felt as good.

Marnie, Margie, April, Selena, and Claire
Lee works the grill
'Wanna play some ball?' (as said by an Englishman in his best American accent)
Andrew, Jim, Dave, and Jason 'play some ball'
Jim spins some tunes
April and I have a heart to heart
Melvin relates a tale of the century to Jim
What would the beach be without Bryce and his guitar?

Once again, thanks to Marnie Recker, Photographer, for alot (most) of these photos!


laufenem said...

I'm liking the frequent blogging. Keep it up. Sounds like you had a great vacation...

Jake said...

Margie--you look great!!! Glad you are having fun...

PAKA said...

great pics!