05 March, 2006

Graduation and festival

Last Friday was graduation for kids who are eight and have been in our morning kinder program for two years. It was held in the school lunch/rec room durning school hours. Liz had one girl graduating, and Joseph had seven or so. Liz and I were told that our classes weren't invited to watch, but I asked if I could sneak out to catch a little bit of it. After the scissors incident, I was hesitant to leave my kids unattended, but I left Kevin in charge with an extra pile of worksheets, and they were just fine.

Picture: Esther, Joseph, Julian and the kids

Graduation Festival was on Monday. My class didn't participate since it was a beginner class, but Joseph and Liz had spent the previous month and a half teaching their classes choreographed songs and skits for the festival extravaganza. Julian rented a local community theater and costumes, and the parents came out in droves to see their little ones showcase their English skills. The kids were absolutely darling. The program included 'Do, Re, Mi', 'Hokey Tokey', 'Lion Hunt', 'Riverdance', and several others. As a final farewell, Joseph's class sang 'To Sir With Love' to him while he sat on the stage and cried. Pictures: Riverdance; Max and Mikayla rockin' the Hokey Tokey; recorder ensemble; me, Joseph, Liz, Joseph's girlfriend

After the festival, a group of the parents took us teachers (minus Joseph) out for Chinese food. The neurosurgeon that I've visited a couple of times was in attendance (THAT wasn't awkward), and he was called on to order. I think it was because of his social status, even though there were also an orthodontist and a Donald Trump type fellow at the table. Julian later commented that she didn't like the dishes he ordered--they were too heavy and rich and expensive and greedy. I didn't think it was too bad, but Liz and Marc and I all agreed that we could have lived without the sea cucumber.

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jodyteacher! said...

You are a great writer! This is cool! I am inspired. It is like a newspaper dedicated to your experiences. My freinds from home would love it!