25 March, 2006

The Second Haircut

Last Saturday morning Liz and I met Judy, an older Australian woman, for a trip to Vivid Hair Salon. The salon is on the other side of a small hill, so we had either had to walk down and through the tunnel, up around the end, or up and over. Judy suggested going over, saying it was very beautiful with some nice trails. This sounded good to me, but I deferred to Liz who is not in the best of shape. She gave the okay, so we charged up the hill. Judy and I got to talking, and as we started going down the other side, I realized we had lost Liz. I turned to see where she was and was met with the sight of her weaving drunkenly down the hill with a blank look on her face. 'Do you need to sit down?' I called. She grunted and instantaneously plopped straight-legged in the dirt. I thought we were going to lose her. Luckily, Judy had some water, and we were able to get her down the hill shortly. At Vivid Hair, I somehow communicated what I wanted--shorter in the back, longer in the front, no weird Korean bangs, a little bit of texture--and the guy went to work. An hour and a half and two shampoos later I had the do pictured here. And it was only about ten dollars.

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