10 December, 2006

This and That

I haven't posted anything since Thanksgiving because, well, I haven't really done anything post-worthy. Emily constantly bugs me to post (myspace comment from 12.01: MORE BLOGS, MORE BLOGS...!), and I think to myself, 'But I haven't done anything!'

Then I started pondering what defines a post-worthy subject. There are obviously no guidelines, no rules or regulations about what one can or can't post (though I could sure make some suggestions regarding what one's blog shouldn't contain). So why do I feel the need to keep my posts action-based? Why haven't I joined the realm of rambling bloggers who thinks that someone somewhere will care for one second about their muddled thoughts and verbose profundities?

May this blog be the answer.

I wanted to buy a dress for our school Christmas party. I don't know why. Julian's making us wear Santa dresses for part of it anyway. But I thought it would be nice to have a dress, and Morten said he'd take me out for a nice dinner if I got one, so I went to Itaewon in Seoul where they cater a little more to foreigners given the proximity of the military base. I wanted something classic and quality but only found weird, cheap, feathered and sequined. I went home with a sweater and some slacks. Oh, and an electronic toothbrush! More about that later. Then I decided to try my luck here in Gangneung but only found an acute case of post fall dressless disorder, aka Gang-sters don't wear, buy or sell dresses in the winter! *clench fists and teeth, exhale sharply, regroup* So I scrapped the dress idea altogether and went for the nice-white-button-down-with-the-new-slacks idea, meaning that I needed to purchase a nice white button-down. First I found alot of nothing; then I found colored and designed shirts, then I found a white shirt with the brand embroidered on the front in green; then I found some shirts with ruffles, lace, ties and drawstrings, big gold buttons, puffy sleeves, and high collars reminiscent of the turn of the century; then I wanted to scream. I finally found a relatively inoffensive plain white button-down shirt with no frills. I tried on two sizes and purchased the one that fit my arm length but was too big through the ribs. Good news though, I'm having it altered at the dry cleaner.

But listen to me, I'm still writing about my actions!

Ah yes, the toothbrush, nay mouthbrush. The Oral B TRIUMPH Professional Care 9000. First, though, let me tell you something about me and my teeth. I like my teeth. I like to think that I have nice teeth. I am very protective of my teeth. Some people have bad dreams about being chased or killed. My dad has the recurring 'missing the plane' or 'forgetting the plane ticket' dreams. I have the 'my teeth are falling out' dream. I can't stop them, they just come loose and crunch around in my mouth in a big garbled mess (fortunately I haven't had it in awhile--it really is quite troubling). This is where the TRIUMPH comes into play. I've wanted an electronic toothbrush for awhile now, and with the advent of the disappointing visit to the dentist here in November, I thought it was time to take matters into my own hands before I started having the dream again. Well, with the Oral B TRIUMPH Professional Care 9000, the matter has been firmly placed in my hands. I can floss, brush and polish my teeth, massage my gums, scrape my tongue and do detail work around my permanent wire retainer. It even tells me how long to brush each 'quadrant' of my mouth so I can achieve the doctor recommended 2 minutes of brushing. And on top of it all, it has a built-in voltage converter, enabling me to use it anywhere in the world! It's the perfect thing for the oral hygiene conscious world traveler and a worthwhile purchase for anyone.

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laufenem said...

Now that's a real blog! I was dying. You should go shopping all the time, then blog about it.