24 January, 2007

A discovery

Morten complained to me that I was so boring because I haven't blogged since the 17th. 'Well, ' I said, 'at least I have a blog.' And then the truth came out--'I have a blog!' he replied. And sure enough, he does. You can find it here. He said he couldn't figure out how to do more than post pictures--apparently he's not as clever as I. And if there is in fact some sort of last post date/boring-ness of blogger correlation, I am DEFINITELY more interesting.


laufenem said...

Did Morten take all of those photographs? They are great photos. I definitely agree with you, however, that if post frequency is a measure of interesting-ness, you are far more interesting than Morten. Your regular blog readers are waiting breathlessly for an account (complete of pictures) of the Nordic Ball.

Margie said...

yes, he did take all those photos. he took a bunch at the nordic ball too, and though they're not quite as good, i will be posting them soon.