17 January, 2007

Not much

I don't really have much to say, but I'm tired of seeing that stupid picture of me eating every time I open my blog. You might wonder why I look at my own blog in the first place, but that's beside the point.

So I guess I haven't mentioned that we now have a fourth foreign teacher at LCI. Her name is Amy, and she started right after our vacation week. She seems pretty cool, and I think she'll be a good addition to the school.

I went to Seoul last weekend for several reasons. The second reason I went was a dress-fitting. I need a nice dress for several occasions coming up, so I found a dressmaker and commissioned a dress. I was so nervous about it in the days prior to the fitting that I had bad dreams about an ill-fitting sack-style dress of orange and brown brocade. To my great relief, I found the long flowing dress of lovely blue silkiness that I had imagined. After a few adjustments, it should be ready for me to pick up this next weekend. I also went to Seoul to meet Amy and Liz for a Park English party on Saturday night. Amy and I are both Park English recruits, and Liz has tagged along with me before to Park events. It was fun to see Niki Lee and Cessilia Park again as well as meet some new teachers.

I didn't take any pictures over the weekend, so I'm posting some that Morten sent me from a business trip to sunny Italia.


laufenem said...

You COMMISSIONED a dress??

Margie said...

how dare you make me question my word choice! YES, i commissioned a dress, or if you would care for the dictionary definition, i PLACED AN ORDER FOR a dress.

M said...

Søster kærlighed

Neary said...

I look at my own blog too... disturbing isn't it?