09 January, 2007

Vacation week, Seoul, January 1-7

I was very lazy during my vacation. It didn't quite have the magic of my week of vacation on the beach this summer, but it was a fantastic way to start a new calendar year and a good way to say goodbye to a waning school year (this week marked one year for me in Korea, by the way). Here are some photos from my lazy week in Seoul:
Lunch at Subway and stupid picture of me eating #43
Nighttime in Insadong
After my pathetic attempt at 'wing-it' cookies on Christmas Eve, I decided to do it right this time. I even bought measuring cups and spoons and got a real recipe. Even though the oven insisted on cooking them at 300 degrees Celsius, they came out alright with my open-the-door/close-the-door cooking method. I call this picture 'Woman ignores large plate of cookies.'
Beautiful snowy Seoul
Saturday afternoon Morten and I went to Lotte World. It's a massive shopping/activity/adventure complex, and, as it was the weekend, visitors were out in droves, meaning the parking garages were a mess. We usually refuse to participate in the strange parking rituals here, but on this day we didn't really have any other choice. So what did we do? We parallel parked in a row of cars that was blocking a row perpendicularly parked cars, left the car in neutral, and proceeded to do our business in Lotte World. On returning, we found our car in the same row merely shifted down about three car lengths. They actually had parking attendants to help push cars if someone needed to access a blocked car.
Chef Morten prepares pork roast with skin for his Danish Christmas dinner on my last day of vacation
Danish Christmas dinner: Pork roast with crispy skin, gravy, brown potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, and boiled, seasoned red cabbage


laufenem said...

Tell Morten to stop being so CLEAN.

Margie said...

after seeing all the lovely pictures i posted and reading all the fun things i said, THAT'S ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY??!!