13 June, 2006

Dano Festival, May 31st

Danoje is a shamanist festival that takes over Gangneung every year on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. This year that happened to fall on May 31st. Vendors of every variety set up tents along both sides of the river for probably a half mile along with numerous stages, pavilions, and carnival rides. Should you so desire, you could purchase suits and ties, shoes, underwear, socks, cosmetics, hats, farming equipment, jewelry, antiques, toys, any number of strange dried sea-products, and on and on. I didn't see nearly as much as I would have liked in spite of going down on three separate occasions, but what I did see was a great cultural experience.
A fraction of the fairgrounds
A mix of modern dance and traditional drumming.A traditional dance/pageant.
Our dinner cooking on a spit (mystery meats in the foreground).Bryce opted for cowhead soup instead of the delicious spit-cooked pig.Ssireum wrestling.

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