28 June, 2006

Nakyeongpokpo, Sogeumgang, June 6th

Okay, back to regular posting. Tuesday the 6th was Memorial Day here in Korea, and we had the day off. I decided to go hiking, once again at Sogeumgang in Odaesan National Park. I'd previously done a short hike to Guryong Falls and wanted to go back in order to climb to the top of Noinbong Peak. It was 9.6km to the top, and still not being very good at translating kilometers to miles, I didn't even consider that I wouldn't have time to finish the hike. With only 2.3km to go, however, I decided to turn back as the sun was sinking low in the late afternoon sky. It's not very common here to see women out hiking by themselves, so I get plenty of surprised looks and the occasional thumbs up, and this trip was no exception. One older man even went so far as to keep an eye on me, never letting himself get so far ahead that he couldn't turn around to see how I was doing. That would have been creepy anywhere else, but I've come to expect that sort of behavior here. Overall it was a nice hike, but I still have yet to see the elusive Noinbong Peak!

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