01 June, 2006

Upcoming Posts

Fear not, you regular readers of my blog--new posts are coming soon. I will write about such topics as my birthday, rafting, the morning kinder picnic, and the Dano Festival (which is where I'm heading as soon as I finish typing this). Happy first day of June!


suzank said...

Hi Margie,
This is Suzan K. from Northwest U. I'm so happy to be reading of all your adventures in S. Korea. Best Wishes in all your adventures!

Suzan K.

Neary said...

Everyday is the Dano Festival in my world.

Anonymous said...

Margie--looking forward to seeing an update on your blog! Love the hiking bit...that looks so beautiful! Yeah, and I know I need to update the blog...am just now back in civilization, so hopefully soon... Take care!