05 June, 2006

May 25th, 26th Birthday

My 26th birthday was an all day event that started with my morning kinder. The moms went in together and got me a cake and a big basket of roses, and I got several other little gifts as well (including earrings which they've figured out I love). I had the obligatory picture with the party hat and table of treats and had my picture taken with each one of my students individually as well as with each one of Liz's students who had all been forced to make me cards. My 3:40 class brought snacks and several little gifts (including earrings which they've figured out I love), and a kid in my 5:05 class brought another cake. After work, Marc gave me his present--a huge bag of the puffed snacks they serve at restaurants and bars. You can tell in the picture who found it humorous and who didn't. Then after Liz, Marc, Bryce and I worked out, they all took me out for dinner. We picked a restaurant we'd never been to, and we still haven't been able to figure out what we ate. my 3:40 class

my 5:05 class
(except for the kid in red and white who is the brother of the the kid in green and white who is the kid who brought the cake)

and you can't even see the whole bag

the picture of me dying subsequent to my asking Bryce 'Is this going to kill me?' concerning a certain piece of vegetable

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