05 June, 2007

Roadtrip/Napa Valley, April 2007

With alot to do still, I left Oregon and resumed zipping south, this time landing at Aunt Kathy and Uncle Bob's place in Napa, CA. I had not previously visited them at this location, and considering that they've lived there for many years, this was a noteworthy visit. My cousin Loren also just happened to be home from Stanford on spring break, and it was great to see him.

Since the wind wasn't right for hang-gliding, we decided to tour the Napa Valley--not a bad second choice. First we went to a beautiful art gallery with a large collection of famous pieces, then we took a drive out through the vineyards and wineries, stopping to visit Clos Pegase and Artesa. We stopped for a snack in St. Helena and took a nice walk out on Henry Road (I hope I'm getting all these names right!). We finished the day with home-grilled steaks. I had a great time! I think I'll have to go back so I can get in on the hang-gliding.

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