16 April, 2008

Back for now

Well, I lost the blog for about a week there. I'm very happy to see it back for now. As you can see, I've changed the color again. The response to the purple was so mixed I thought I'd go with something different. So I chose the color I wish the sky was right now instead of the pale yellow-grey it actually is.

I've also discovered that the way my blog is viewed on Morten's computer and the way it's viewed on mine is wildly different. All the editing and China blogs have been done on Morten's computer, but when I finally got mine hooked up to the internet last week, I found everything skewed and overlapping. I hope no one else was seeing it that way. I've made a few changes that are probably more balanced for everyone.

At the end of my time in Seoul, I realized I had quite a large collection of pictures of the Seoul horizon as taken from the balcony. Things are no different here, and I possibly find the Beijing view even more compelling. I can look down on the very distinct intersection of the 3rd Ring Road and Airport Expressway and see how traffic is progressing, I can check out the construction site in front of the window to see how it is progressing, I can check the visibility, and I can watch people scurrying across the roads, dodging cars and bicycles, or bicycles dodging cars and people, or cars trying their best not to have to yield to either people or bicycles. Here are a few pics from the new Beijing collection:


Chris Drinkall said...

Hey there. Your photos of Seoul are awesomely brilliant! Well done, good blog!

askgreg said...

Great night shot!

Keep it up.