05 April, 2008

New color poll

I think polls are fun, and for you viewers of my blog who like to remain anonymous, you can do just that yet still participate! Please try it out. I know I haven't been blogging very consistently in 2008, so hopefully I actually have some readers left.


The Family Beckwith said...

I love polls, but I can rarely think of a good one to post. This is a winner! Did you vote, yourself, yet?

Mike and I also LOVE the Great Wall photo you put up top. Is that one you took?

Brenda + Toby said...

I love the Great Wall photo also. What an incredible sight. Did you walk miles and miles?
Many years ago, when Ella was small, we visited the Wall. Unfortunately, that day Ella was exhausted, I was exhausted, and Toby disappeared in the crowd. The Chinese locals were very helpful and we survived! Found the right gate and eventually the bus.
Now, I'm going to read the rest of your recent blogs!
Love, A. Brenda

Margie said...

Let's see, I did vote already, but the current result is so mixed that I'm not sure what to do yet!

I did take that photo. I went on a small tour with Morten's family and a couple from Spain to this very deserted part of the Wall. It's the Spanish couple you can see. We didn't walk so far on the Wall, but the guide took us on a little hike around to a watch tower which was very cool and completely unsafe. It was great. I've also been to a more crowded part of the Wall(see May or June 2007), and it can be overwhelming! I'll post more pics from this recent trip soon.