10 April, 2008

Jeju-do, Korea, February 28 - March 3

My last day of school--graduation day--was February 28. I showed up to discover that all of my kids had decided not to attend. Very disappointed and slightly bitter, I went to the graduation anyway. After school I went to my sewing class, and when I got home from that, Morten called from Jeju Island to say the weather was really nice, so why not book a flight ticket for the 29th to join him for the weekend? I checked into it, but the only tickets before the weekend was over left in an hour and a half on the night of the 28th. Being that Gimpo Airport itself was nearly an hour away, this seemed nearly impossible, not to mention the fact that I had begun to feel quite feverish. However, also feeling that this would be my last chance to see Jeju before leaving Korea, I literally threw a pile of laundry and toiletries into a suitcase, ran out the door, and crept through rush-hour traffic in a taxi to Gimpo. In a panic, I bought a ticket and started running for the gate only to realize I had nearly fifteen minutes to spare (!) which meant time to buy some much needed juice. Morten picked me up in Jeju, and we ended up having a great weekend touring beautiful Jeju-do in spite of my fever and lack of appetite.


Brenda + Toby said...

Uncle Toby says hello. He feels that we are getting to know you better through your blog. We feel that we've gotten to know Morten a little bit too even though we never met him.

We really enjoyed your pictures of Jeju-do. I especially liked the statues. Those windmills are impressive also.

Aunt Brenda and Uncle Toby

Margie said...

I'm very glad you enjoy the blog, and I certainly hope you will meet Morten someday. Jeju is a very special place--volcanic, subtropical, and incredibly popular with Koreans golfing and honey-mooning. I was happy I went.