25 March, 2006

Ice Skating

On Wednesday morning, we packed all of our morning kinder kids into vans and schlepped them over to Gangneung Indoor Ice Rink. We got them skated and helmeted suprisingly quickly, and then some rink employees took over to help the kids have some organized chaos on ice. We (the teachers), were going to skate together, but Marc couldn't find skates that were big enough or sharp enough for his liking ('That's it, fate is telling me not to skate!'), and Liz cut her ankle (what?!) putting her skates on (that reminds me of the skiing story which I'll have to tell later). So I skated around by myself and laughed at the kids. But, hey, I got to try speed skates. We got them re-shoed, de-helmeted, in the vans, and back to school all in time for lunch. There's nothing like Korean efficiency.

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