23 March, 2006

White Day

February 14th is a day I have come to loathe and have even been known to openly boycott it. The only reason I haven't ignored it completely is that my mom gives me a lovely gift every year (I should start calling it Daughter's Day). This year, however, I discovered that all I've really needed is a little White Day counteraction. This is how it works: girls give boys candy on Valentine's Day, and boys give girls candy on White Day, March 14th. Last Tuesday morning when I walked into the staff room, I realized that they mean business. Julian breezed in long enough to fill me in--'This is from Peter, this is from Marcus, these are from Thomas...' The picture doesn't even touch on the entirety of my spoils. I tell you, there's nothing better for the old self esteem than getting candy from cute little Korean boys.

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