23 March, 2006

Sleeping students

I couldn't resist sneaking this photo of Daniel sleeping during my 2:00 class last week. I snapped it through the window so the other kids wouldn't think I was being mean or making fun of him. I was actually a little concerned about why a seven year old was that tired. After trying multiple times to get him to concentrate on the workbook page we were doing (he struggles as it is), I gave up and let him sleep for the last thirty minutes of class. When I woke him to go home, he stood up, took a few weaving steps, fell against the wall, slid down, and went back to sleep. I carried him (still sleeping) to a chair in the arrival area where I left him. Today we combined our 5:00 classes for a movie. At 6:20 everyone cleared out, but I found two of my poor students remaining, zonked out on the floor, one sitting cross-legged with his head resting on the floor in front of him. The girl was so disoriented that she went back to my classroom and sat down saying she didn't need to ride the bus (which wasn't true).


Brenda Toby and Ella said...

Margie, have you figured out why your little ones are so sleepy? What's the reason they are not getting a full nights sleep? Stress at home? TV?...
BTW, is that a pierced eyebrow?

Margie said...

I don't know about the little ones, but middle and high schoolers have insanely rigorous academic schedules. Our English school is only one of many schools they attend on top of regular school. And yes, that would be a pierced eyebrow. It has been pierced for many years now, but now that I think about it, it's probably been that long since I've seen you!