29 March, 2006


So, about the sunrise. It all started with a quiet dinner with Liz on Saturday night. Marc bailed out on us at the last minute, so we had a lovely girls only dinner followed by some jasmine tea at Jazz Club. A group of guys came in to celebrate a birthday, and they sent a piece of cake over to our table. It was quite good, but Liz and I decided that whipped cream is not a good substitute for frosting. After that, we headed to Warehouse for dance party night (my favorite!), but I got out of the dancing by shooting some pool. I tried leaving several times in there, but Marc, who is the best motivator/leader/manipulator I've ever met, convinced me that the night would get better, that we'd go somewhere else with less dancing and better music. He kept his promise, taking us all to Uncle 29 where the owner lets us pick the music and cooks us specialty snack food. For those of you in Korea, our friend Bryce plays guitar and sings there every Monday night at 9:30. After awhile of sitting around and talking, Marc sensed that he was starting to lose some people and made a valiant effort to round up a group to go out to the beach. In spite of some really superb smooth talking, he ended up with only three loyal followers--me, Liz, and Bryce. And that is how I found myself sitting on the beach in the cold sand eating bananas and Pringles watching the sun rise on Sunday morning. 'We only live once,' Marc pointed out. After seeing the sun fill the sky with amazing colors, I had no regrets. An old woman selling instant coffee took our picture while we waited for the sun to break.

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