19 October, 2006

Chuseok in Seoul, Day 2, October 4th

With an entire day of freedom ahead of me and no one to answer to, I took my time getting up and ready on Wednesday morning. My hotel was in Insadong, an area know for arts and crafts and great shopping, so I wandered around Insadong-gil for a few hours, letting myself get sucked in by the art--specifically the beautiful jewelry and bags.

I regrouped at my hotel after purchasing too many necklaces then headed to Dongdaemun Stadium to meet my friend Barkley. He led me through the insane flea market/thrift store type interior of the stadium to his favorite coat vendor where I picked up a day pack for a good price. After escaping the maze of merchandise, we walked up the hill along Old Seoul Wall to watch the sun set over the city. Despite the haze, the view was amazing.

I returned to my room once again to shower and get ready to meet Judy and Liz for a night in Itaewon. I wouldn't choose Itaewon as my favorite part of Seoul, but the places we went were very nice. We met a bunch of Judy's Australian friends at an Italian restaurant then went to The Embassy Bar for dancing. I enjoyed watching. And I'm pretty sure I met the Australian Ambassador to Korea.
Aloe for sale
Everything imaginable was for sale at Dongdaemun:Tools,ceramics and golf clubs,even used rice cookers and ski boots.Rooftop garden view from Old Seoul Wall.Out at night with Liz and Aniva.

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