23 October, 2006

Unexpected Rain

I woke this morning to thrashing rain and wind howling with gale force through my building. My windows and doors whistled and rattled crazily as I got ready for work. Since I don't own an umbrella, I bundled myself in my hooded jacket and made the 45 second walk around the corner. In that amount of time, my snowboarding jacket was soaked through, my shoes were flooded, and my pants were plastered to my legs. Julian was handing out towels at the door.

Julian and Esther frantically ran around all morning answering the phones and patching up leaks in the windows. I was surprised that the power never went out, though it did flicker several times. By lunch time, it had not let up much, and Julian made the decision to cancel afternoon classes due to already low morning attendance and flooding throughout the city.

Sadly, my pictures don't really capture the terrific winds or rain.

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