18 October, 2006

Idaho, September 17-19

After church Sunday morning, John and Jen Baker were so kind as to drive me yet again to the airport. I ran into Ken and Nikole as they were taking off on their honeymoon, and it was nice to hang out with them one last time, especially since my flight was delayed.

When I finally arrived in Boise, I was very ready to be there. I spotted Dieter on the escalator and crouched down to meet him, and he promptly charged me and bowled me over, skirt and all. And then I got to meet baby Margie for the first time. I doubt she was as thrilled as I was.

That night I just hung out with the fam. Mom made burritos with all the ingredients I can't get here, and I ate enough for at least four people.

I inflicted a day of shopping on mom and Em and the kids on Monday. They smiled through gritted teeth as they put up with store after store. Little Margie did her part to make the day memorable by necessitating two entire outfit changes. Dad BBQed fresh elk meat for dinner, and Dieter went crazy with my camera.

And then, all too soon, I was back at the airport. It was so great to see everyone, thanks for a great trip!

*see the Idaho Berriochoa Photo Gallery for more bad pictures of me and cute pictures of the kids

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