29 October, 2006

Halloween Party, October 27th

Since Fridays are a little bit more relaxed anyway, we chose to have our Halloween Party on Friday the 27th rather than disrupt classes in the middle of the week on the actual day. The kids came to school in all manners of dress--monsters, princesses, heros, and animals to name a few characters in attendance. I even wore a wig and bright red lipstick which really freaked the kids out. Liz wore the Korean red devil horns, and Marc made an imposing figure in a black cape and Scream mask. Esther decorated and darkened the lunchroom, and the kids put on a fashion show, strutting their stuff down the candle-lined 'runway'. We then managed to get all three groups of kids though 'tape the nose on the pumpkin' (run by me), 'eat a cookie off a string with no hands', and 'pass the lemon with your neck' games before lunchtime.

Princess 1 tries to make contact with the witch while Peter Pan keeps Spiderman 1 in check with his sword and Batman eyes Spiderman 2 hungrily.
The Princesses gossip in the back and Harry Potter surreptitiously puts Batman under a spell for plotting against Spiderman.
'You got me this time, Harry Potter, but just you wait!' says Batman, feigning innocence. And Spiderman figets obliviously.
Marcus, my favorite little monkey.
The crew minus one.


laufenem said...

Hilarious. What is Marcus anyway?

Margie said...

you know what? i'm not sure. some sort of caveman maybe?

laufenem said...

Maybe a caveman in drag. =-) So cute.