18 October, 2006

Seattle, September 15-17

I took a whirlwind trip to the states in mid-September for the wedding of my long-time friend Nikole and to see my family.

My lovely friend Morten drove me four hours to the airport in Incheon on Friday morning. I then flew through Tokyo to Seattle where Laurie Neary so kindly picked me up on Friday morning in my disoriented state to run me on errands. We later met Jen Baker at the library and went for lunch. Then Nikole and her husband-to-be Ken picked me up, and I passed out in their car while they ran wedding errands. Later that evening we girls went to have our nails done, we tried to do a pin-job on my dress that didn't fit, and I tried my best to stay awake through all of it.

We took my dress to an aunt to have it sewn early Saturday morning then went to the salon for hair-dos. Several hours later we were dressed and make-uped and ready for pictures. The wedding was actually at a little manor house in Marysville.The wedding was as beautiful as the weather that day, which just happened to be clear and sunny. I was happy to be able to make it to Nikole's special day, and I also got to see Janny, another friend of twenty years.

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Anonymous said...

Oh margie you don't know how grateful I am that you made it to my wedding. I miss you so much come back here sometime and bring that man of yours. You know the rule we have to meet your guy. :) Love ya. Nikole