17 October, 2006

Ulleungdo, August 1-3, FINAL PART

It turns out that Bryce did NOT kick me in the head while we slept. The next morning we decided to go hiking. Please follow the photos through our day.

We found the unmarked trail thanks to one of our guide books

We passed many hillside farms on the way.

It was a beautiful day, and the view got better and better as we climbed higher and higher.

I suffered a toenail fracture (but certainly not because I kicked my own foot).

We stopped to rest on some benches and snap some promotional photos for Pocari Sweat.

When we reached the top, we were very frustrated by the lack of view.

There was, however, a nice lookout facing the other side of the island.

After the hike, we showered, hung our wet clothes on the roof, and begun a fresh set of activities.

We sampled some delicious mineral water purported to have great health benefits. Bryce couldn't keep his hand steady on the camera.

Next we took the cable car up to the viewpoint.We saw a bird's eye view of the city...

...and looked in the direction of the highly contested Dokdo.

That night we sat in the harbor and talked and watched people and boats come in and out.

On our final morning, I snapped a picture of squid drying in the harbor before we caught our ferry back to the mainland.


laufenem said...

Ok, now how about a nice blog about your trip to America!

Margie said...

all in good time...