05 September, 2006

Ulleungdo, August 1-3, Part 2

I'm simply going to pick up where I left off at the end of part one.

If you look closely between the big tan building and the big white building, you might be able to see the little white bungalow with red doors that became our home for two days

We trekked up the hill after the minbak owner to our mansion on a hill. The sliding front doors opened to reveal three small rooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The middle room was occupied, so we had a choice between the impossibly small box of a room on the left (pictured left) or the slightly larger room on the right (pictured right). Given that Bryce would not likely have been able to fully stretch out in the smaller room, we did not hesitate for a second to pay the higher price for the 'big' room. It also looked somewhat occupied, but if it was, it apparently wasn't a problem that we were using it for two nights. We paid the man our money, learned how to lock up the house, then changed for dinner.

Bryce and I are terrible together when it comes to making decisions. It's a wonder we even made it to Ulleungdo. But we did, and we were faced with the horrible decision of 'what to have for dinner.' Seafood? No. Fish? No fish. Beef? Maybe. Pork? I don't want pork... Beef? Yes, let's have beef. Okay, where do we find beef on an island covered with seafood restaurants? In the end, we found a place with meat but ended up eating pork anyway. It was pretty good, and after three days of low food consumption on the beach, it felt great to fill up on substantial food.

Looking into the harbor--photo by Bryce!

After dinner we walked out through the harbor to a pathway that snaked along the rocky edge of the island and sat for awhile watching and listening to the waves on the rocks. We couldn't think of anything to do after that, so we hiked back to the room, picking up waters and ice creams on the way. We ate our refreshments on the edge of the cement hill, slapping mosquitoes and brushing away weeds. And then we turned in for the night, crossing our fingers for a good sleep on our thin floor pads in the heat of the small room. Bryce wanted the fan on his head, and I wanted the fan on my feet, so it worked out, and, being exhausted, I quickly drifted to sleep hoping Bryce wouldn't kick me in the head.

And now you can keep YOUR fingers crossed for part three of the Ulleungdo trip!