About Potato Woman

Me and Dad, 1980
I grew up in the potato state of Idaho, USA. After studying music in the Seattle area and doing a bit of drifting around, I moved to Korea and didn't look back. That was January 2006.

In Korea, I met and started hanging out with Dane extraordinaire Viking Man. We've been hanging out for eleven years now in four different countries. Following Korea came China, then Singapore, and now it is Denmark that creates a beautiful if somewhat frigid backdrop for my music, writing, and setting of lofty goals. I gave birth to our first child in March 2013, a little girl called Monkey Baby. 

If you want to know about teaching English and living in Korea, read my blog from 2006-2007. Blogger was blocked in China, so 2008-2009 are sparse. I currently blog about traveling, life in Denmark, life in general, and most likely a few things of no redeeming value whatsoever. Enjoy!

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