16 March, 2010

Xian, Chinese New Year 2010, Shaanxi Province, China

This was our last trip before leaving China. We really wanted to see the terra cotta warriors, and it turned out to be a really good choice. In additions to the warriors, we saw a tomb, a hotsprings, Wild Goose Pagoda, and a little bit of the city. Of course being in China for Chinese New Year meant alot of fireworks and celebrating. I especially enjoyed watching people send flame-powered paper lanterns soaring into the night sky as wishes for good luck. I wonder how the men are faring whose lantern flew into a tree and caught fire.

-Xian Album Link

15 March, 2010

Harbin Ice Festival, 2.2010, Heilongjiang Province, China

This was also a good weekend. We toured the city with its Russian influence, visited the Tiger Park, and saw the ice and snow sculptures at the Ice Festival. The giant parka/puffy vest combo kept my torso toasty, but my fingers and toes were suffering in the end. It was pretty chilly.

-Harbin Ice Festival Album Link

Wanlong Ski Trip, 1.2010, Hebei Province, China

Overall a successful weekend, overlooking the fender bender and Klaus's broken collarbone--two unrelated incidents. Bitterly cold, but beautifully sunny, decent snow and good intermediate slopes.

-Wanlong Ski Trip Album Link

Back on Blogger

Out of China, back on the blog.

We are at the start of a couple of years in Singapore and looking forward to it, or rather already enjoying it! It's warm, green, surrounded by water and full of culture. Currently on the search for our perfect apartment.

I'm working on updating my photos. Since we're not too far into 2010, I'm going back to January. The end of 2009 will just have to be a loss at this point.

I gave the instant powdered milk tea a chance. It's not a full regret. It's also not a decision I'll repeat anytime soon.