26 August, 2007

Mud Festival, July 15th

This year's mud festival experience was quite different from last year's (which you can read about in the archived posts). We just went down to Daecheon Beach for the day and enjoyed the sun and water (first sea swim of the year)and mud. The only down side was the five hour return drive which should only have taken 2 or 2 1/2 hours.

Gawip Wind Farm, Anmok Beach, July 12th

Since I wasn't doing much, I went with Morten on a day trip to visit the wind farm near Gangneung. It was an extremely foggy day, but while Morten was working in the substation, I took the car out for a drive through the turbines. Even though the long views were quite obscured, I still got some interesting pictures. Then before we headed back to Seoul, we took a drive to our favorite beach from last summer. It was windy and grey, but it was good to visit.

25 August, 2007

Indonesia Peace Run, May 27th

This was so long ago that I almost forgot about it. Oh well if it's out of order. An invitation was extended to the Danish Embassy to participate in the Indonesia Peace Run, and Morten signed up to run the 10km along with Steffen, the Embassy intern. Two other Korean employees of the Embassy also signed up, but they didn't show up, later saying that the day had been too hot for running. And certainly it was a warm day, but it was beautiful and there was a good turn out. The race started and finished in the park just outside the World Cup Stadium. Morten and Steffen both ran well.

Incheon Beaches, July 8th

One day after driving our friend Jeppe out to Incheon Airport, we kept driving to the edge of the island in our continuing quest for a decent beach within reasonable proximity on the west coast. We at least found sand this time, but we preferred to take pictures and watch the locals swim rather than sample the water ourselves.

Wolmido, June 2nd

As the spring turned to summer, we started craving the lovely beaches we knew from the east coast, but the closest sand beaches to Seoul are at least several hours away. We settled for Wolmido in Incheon, and while we were disappointed not to find a real beach, we still managed to have some fun.