28 October, 2007

Royal Banquet, Grand Hyatt, October 9

On the evening of the 9th, Morten and I attended the Royal Banquet in one of the Hyatt Hotel's ballrooms. The women had thrown such a fuss about what attire was appropriate (floor length? 3/4? short? gloves? sleeves? no sleeves as long as accompanied with a wrap?) that I was nervous about my short dress with no sleeves, but I put it on nonetheless, and Morten, in his 'dark suit', and I walked up to the Hyatt. We presented our invitation along with passports and were given official name tags. After a little mingling in the outer reception, we were instructed to form a line. Then, as we entered the main hall, we passed the Queen and shook her hand. I put on my little sweater for this part, just to make sure I didn't offend her. The MC was a Danish opera singer--a tenor--and throughout the evening he sang with a Danish soprano. The Danish Royal Guard Brass Ensemble played during the food services, and there were also performances by the Niels Landoky Jazz Trio, a Korean jazz singer, and the Royal Ballet. The food was delicious, and I really enjoyed the musical program.

Seoul National University Museum of Art, October 9

I was invited to a gallery opening of Danish art in conjunction with the Queen's visit on October 9th. I wore what I hoped was appropriate clothing, arrived at the requested time, and showed the proper identification for entry. There were several speeches from members of the official delegation including the Deputy Prime Minister, and though the ceremony was not so interesting, it was interesting to see how an event like this is put together. Then while the Queen and the delegation got a private tour of the exhibit, a Danish jazz trio played for us in the auditorium until we got clearance to view the exhibit ourselves. I wasn't able to take photos inside, but I was able to get a shot of the Queen as she exited.

05 October, 2007

Doosan Bears vs. Samsung Lions, September 22nd

A couple weekends ago, the interns at the Embassy invited us out to a baseball game at the Seoul Sports Complex. It rained lightly throughout the game, but we had fun. And, as it's a rare occasion that I know more than anyone about anything, I explained the rules with gusto to anyone who would listen. I don't know who won, because after five hours and ten innings, the game still wasn't over and the non-Americans grew restless. But it was a good game.

03 October, 2007

Royal Invitation

For the last four or five months, the Danish Embassy here in Seoul has been very busy planning the visit of the Danish Queen. I spent a couple days down there helping them edit schedules and information for the royal party, and I discovered just how many details go into a visit like this. And, as I am connected with the Danish community, I will be able to attend an exhibition of Danish art opening at Seoul National University with the Queen in attendance as well as a royal banquet. It should be pretty cool--it's not everyday that one gets to meet royalty!