31 July, 2005

Black Butte

This year the Newman/Schuh, Sawyer, and Allen families all met for a big reunion in Black Butte, Oregon. Some of us hadn't seen each other in years. Highlights for me were taking my nephew Dieter swimming and hiking with Emily, Dad, and my cousin Tyler on Santiam Pass. Alot of biking, tennis playing, and running also took place. I got very sunburned, but that was not a highlight. On the way home, John, Emily, Dieter and I drove over to Bend for one more night. We enjoyed dinner at the Deschutes Brewery and took a nice walk around town. On my drive home, I was unknowingly re-routed due to some construction (read: I took a wrong turn and almost got lost), but the alternate highway proved to be a lovely and scenic piece of road. I'd say the week was an overall success.