29 June, 2017

My Personal Groundhog Day

One year ago, I wrote the following:

Two years ago, I wrote the following
We moved to Denmark [...]. It's windy and cold. People are nice but reserved. I ride a bike and am still trying to figure out what life here is all about. 
Two years on, nothing has changed. Nothing. It's almost July, and I'm wearing a sweater. My feet are freezing. I'm about to put on rain gear to get Monkey from the kindergarten on my bike. I will smile at people who may or may not make eye contact with me. Tonight I will contemplate what life aftersprogskole is all about. Check back in June 2018 to see if I've cracked the code. 
Dad and the Monkey stretch their legs in
Yellowstone; Nampa, ID to Sheridan, WY
Roadtrip June 2015
Now it's June 2017, and again, nothing has changed. I'm still wearing a sweater, probably the same one, and my feet are still freezing. I don't think they ever warmed up. I had my rain gear on earlier today. I smiled at some people who looked almost affronted.

I don't have to wonder why I didn't write this same blog in June 2015, because over the past few weeks, Google has been inviting me regularly to 'rediscover this day' by showing me pictures of what I was doing in June 2015. And what I was doing in June 2015 was sweltering in the heat of one of the hottest Idaho Junes on record--and loving it.

So next year, in June 2018, I will look at this, my Groundhog Day blog, copy and paste it into a new blog, write yet again that nothing has changed, then continue trying to figure out life in Denmark.

Then put your little hand in mine, there ain't no hill or mountain we can't climb, Babe. I got you, Babe.